welcome to my modeling page

Paulo Omega

  I am a model an aspiring writer and actor, using my hard work and talents i tell my story and inspire others. I have few years of experience in modeling involving commercials, and small runway shows. Through every opportunity there has been a new learning experience. I continue to learn and embrace my uniqueness to strive in the modeling world.  i’ve worked mostly as Fashion (Editorial) Model, i’ve done some Catwalk Modeling, Commercial Modeling, Fitness Modeling and some Underwear Modeling. Fit Modeling, Parts and Promotional Modeling i’ve yet been able to give them a try, hopefully soon i will.

  Throughout my life i have had many ambitions and I have failed countless times and SUCEDED few TEMES as well, i used the failure to push me past my limits and pursue my passions in modeling, writing and acting. I am proud to say that through my struggles I have thrived for most part yet still have much to achieve. I am open to jobs offers as i am pursuing what I love. Nothing will stop me from achieving my dreams.